Sync random order Pictures on Multi Screen Desktops.

Apples built in ‘Change picture – random order’ option for your desktop Pictures is great.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 21.17.41

But what happens if you have more than one Screen/Monitor.  Well each screen needs you to turn this on separately . And the pictures for each screen will be independently random from each other.

We can fix that using Applescript and LaunchAgents we can turn off  the above and make each desktop picture change to a random image at a set interval and be the same image on each desktop.

Each desktop changes to the same image. If I switch to a new space on a desktop it’s image will change when the time comes.

Heres how..

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Applescript – Quit or Launch Application script.. ( Revised )

In my  previouse  post :  Applescript – Quit or Launch Application if another is or is not running

The script was limited to one master app. The one that if running or not  determines if the slave app launches or quits.

This new script allows you to add as many apps to the master app list and also to the slave list.