Swift programming – Huh, No need to import .Swift Extension file

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Many of you may have started to use the new Programming language Swift which Apple introduced in the WWDC 2014 Keynote.

It took many of us by surprise and for me a “oh here we go again, I now have to try and get my heard around another language”.

Apple explains that it should be easier to use and easy to pick up for new  comers.

 I suspect that it will  be as Apple says for many people, me included.

One thing so far that I like and there are many..

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Grrr.. PackageMaker things to remember

I do not often use Apples PackageMaker; Part of Apples Developer Auxiliary tools

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When I do dabble  I always forget a couple of simple things that stops me in my tracks and have me spending a whole lot of  wasted time trying to figure out whats going on.

I am writing this post in the hope it will burn at least two of the things I forget firmly into my BRAIN.

The first thing


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An Epiphany for fixing NSPopover not closing behaviour


First this is not a tutorial for NSPopover . Just fix for an issue.

Apple introduced NSPopover in OS X v10.7

The  NSPopover  class provides a means to display additional content related to existing content on the screen. The popover is positioned relative to the existing content.

An anchor is used to express the relation between these two units of content. A popover has an appearance that specifies its visual characteristics, as well as a behavior that determines which user interactions will cause the popover to close. …….


But it seems Apple never intended for the NSPopover to be used in a  NSStatusBar  menu item.  Those are the little menu icons in you menu bar that when you click show you info or perform an action. This is probably why Apple has not fixed the bugs when using a popover in this way.

THE Problem

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