Custom HEX Color Picker – 1520 colours

Using a couple of hex colour list on the web. I made a .clr  Colour Picker Palette file.

This can be place in you users colour folder:


Once done. Newly launched Applications will pick up the new palette.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 15.23.20

Download “Custom Apple Color Picker : 1520 HEX colors” – Downloaded 1304 times – 21 KB

Join list items Script libraries command (new version 2)

A  Applescript Script library command to join Applescript List items as a single string.

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Text Utils is a Applescript script libraries suite. It holds a ‘missing command’ to join applescript list items into a string

Download “Text-Utils.scptd_v1” – Downloaded 362 times – 7 KB

Download “Text-Utils.scptd_v2” – Downloaded 427 times – 9 KB

Some Version 2 examples:


Needed Use Clauses

use script "Text Utils"

#example 1.

set theList to {"/Users/UserName/Folder 1", "/Users/UserName/Folder 2"}

 join list items theList using text " " with items in single quotes


"'/Users/UserName/Folder 1' '/Users/UserName/Folder 2' "

#example 2.

set theList to {"the", "cat", ", "over"}

join list items theListusing text "" with items in no quotes



#example 3.

set theList to {"the", "cat", "jump", "over"}

join list items theListusing text "," with items in no quotes



Check item size and type of items for emailing – Automator Service workflow

A workflow to go with a question.


A proof of concept. And the final stage of adding files to email is left to you. You should also note that there is no checking for packages of applications/bundles. Which on a Mac will be seen as a file but elsewhere as a folder.

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[Download not found]


My very first Automator Action

This Action Get first Finder Window Path. It will return the Posix path of the front most open Finder window.

I had already written some code for an application that could get the path of open Finder windows…

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Download BETA versions


This is for 10.9.x   v103- Action is now placed in Files & Folders in the Automator library

Download “Get first Finder Window Path_10.9 BETA” – Downloaded 831 times – 8 KB

This is for System : 10.8

Download “Get first Finder Window Path 10.8” – Downloaded 799 times –

This is for System : 10.6

Download “Get first Finder Window Path_10.6” – Downloaded 453 times – 8 KB

A Simple NSPopcoer

Download “Simple NSPopover test project” – Downloaded 237 times – 66 KB

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