Safari Extension Hierarchy List

Command clicking the Title bar in Safari used to produce a dropdown menu that let you see the current web pages hierarchy. You also used to be able to click on the list items and be taken to that part of the site. But in recent updates to Safri this option has gone.

I wanted to get back, but could not find a way to re enable it.

So I wrote my own in the form of a Safari Extension.



Hierarchy List Safari Extension


 This extension displays a Popover with the currents tabs/windows website’s folder hierarchy.


HIERARCHY List now has a dark mode.

Go to its extension settings and toggle to the one you want

Each listed subdirectory is a clickable link which will take you there, if the site allows the subdirectory to be displayed *.


Download “Safari Site Hierarchy List.safariextz” HierarchyList.safariextz – Downloaded 1176 times – 61 KB

(*if the subdirectory cannot be displayed due to normal permissions you will go to the sites 404 page or any redirect they supply for no-access subdirectory or pages. )

Hierarchy List  was Created by markhunte – | Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.