Custom HEX Color Picker – 1520 HEX colours

Using a couple of hex colour list from the web. I made a .clr  Colour Picker Palette file. Using NSColorlist

This can be placed in you users colours folder:


Once done.

Newly launched Applications will pick up the new palette which holds 1520 HEX colours.

I have marked some of the names with Web Safe. These should match what is considered web safe by those that know.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 15.28.13 Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 15.23.20

Download “Custom Apple Color Picker : 1520 HEX colors” – Downloaded 1304 times – 21 KB

Transparent NSWindow using subclasses of NSWindow and NSView

This is a quick example of how to get a Transparent NSWindow using a subclassed NSWindow class and a subclassed NSView.

This is in response to a stackoverflow users request I post the source code. Which I have done here in context.

(Originally it had also had a webview which was related to the question but was not essential in any way in this example so it has been removed.)

Transparent Window with Controls and Labels overlaying it. If you click any where in the transparency the mouse will click the object behind the window. And the objects Application will become the active one.


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