Join List items v2

Version 2.
Now allows you to add single quotes,double quotes or no quotes around each list item  as it is placed in the final string. This is useful for example  in placing single quotes around file paths in the list. 

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Join List items Applescript Script libraries command

 join list items command

#the list

set  theList to {“the”, “cat”, “jumped”, “over”}

#join the list

set theString to  join list items theList using text space


“the cat jumped over”

After watching Apples  Introducing AppleScript Libraries  WWDC 2013 session 416. I wanted to share one of my simple Applescript Libraries commands.

Applescript Libraries are a new thing in Mavericks which allow you to put all you commonly used Applescript handlers in one place to make them easily accessible  in any new script.

As apposed to having them only in snippet file or some script file  stored somewhere you cannot remember where or what exactly the code contained to help find it.

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