10.9.3 Update hides /Users/ folder (fixed)

There have been many reports of the latest OS X update from Apple 10.9.3 (Build 13D65) intentionally hiding the /Users/ folder.  I am not convinced this is intentional but it has Happened to me.   People have suggested running the Terminal command

sudo chflags nohidden /Users

But After a logout or restart  you would have to run it again. Annoying!. Some one mentioned that it maybe the latest iTunes update that started it in conjunction with Find My Mac being switched on.  YES My where. So as an experiment I turned off Find My Mac. and ran the command. My Users folder obediently became un hidden. And on reboot stayed unhidden. But wait what about Find My Mac. Well I do want it on right. The only problem is turning Find My Mac back on makes the /Users/ folder go bye, bye : watch the video.

I will experiment some more. Because I think when I first did this It stuck around with Find My Mac switched back on, but I cannot remember just now what order I did things in to get it. i.e when I had Find My Mac back on.

Update – fixed ..

So this Morning I noticed the Appstore App had an iTunes update 11.2.1.

There was no mention of a fix for this issue  but I suspected it was such an early update since the last that it must contain the fix.

After installing it and then doing a manual restart with my folders already showing and FMM enabled. The Mac came back up still showing the folders.

I ran repair permissions just to see what it would say and as expected they did not mention the folder. Happy days.


Update… 17.may.2014


So it turns out that I was on the right track. But the Only fix so far is to leave Find My Mac disabled, Run the command but also on the Users/Shared folder. Then Run Disk utility and fix the permissions.

Over on  derflounder there is a write up that goes into more detail. But also mentions that Apple is aware and will hopefully fix this soon.

They also explain some other things I discovered when looking at this. Namely that the permissions on the Users folder and the Shared folder are wrong. When running Disk Utility’s repair permissions. I got Permissions differ on “Users”; should be drwxr-xr-x ; they are drwxrwxrwx .  Which means anyone can write to them…



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