NSPopover Close behaviour when entering Mission Control or LaunchPad

Geoff Coope asked about the close: behaviour of the NSPopover when entering Mission Control in the comments  of my previous post   Epiphany-for-fixing-nspopover .

He had noticed that the Popovers did not close when you entered into Mission Control

This was not something I had noticed as I had never gone into Mission Control with a popover open.  But he was right and not only in Mission Control, entering  Launchpad also does not close the Popover.

I had just been using a notification to control a NSDocuments behaviour and had an idea that the same thing could work.

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Custom HEX Color Picker – 1520 HEX colours

Using a couple of hex colour list from the web. I made a .clr  Colour Picker Palette file. Using NSColorlist

This can be placed in you users colours folder:


Once done.

Newly launched Applications will pick up the new palette which holds 1520 HEX colours.

I have marked some of the names with Web Safe. These should match what is considered web safe by those that know.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 15.28.13 Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 15.23.20

Transparent NSWindow using subclasses of NSWindow and NSView

This is a quick example of how to get a Transparent NSWindow using a subclassed NSWindow class and a subclassed NSView.

This is in response to a stackoverflow users request I post the source code. Which I have done here in context.

(Originally it had also had a webview which was related to the question but was not essential in any way in this example so it has been removed.)

Transparent Window with Controls and Labels overlaying it. If you click any where in the transparency the mouse will click the object behind the window. And the objects Application will become the active one.


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Broken Skype Applescripts Fix…

Some of you may know that  Skype have an API that you can access via Applescript. To do such tasks as send sms text messages.

You may have found that for some unexplained reason this has stopped working?


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Join List items v2

Version 2.
Now allows you to add single quotes,double quotes or no quotes around each list item  as it is placed in the final string. This is useful for example  in placing single quotes around file paths in the list. 

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Join List items Applescript Script libraries command

 join list items command

#the list

set  theList to {"the", "cat", "jumped", "over"}

#join the list

set theString to  join list items theList using text space


"the cat jumped over"

After watching Apples  Introducing AppleScript Libraries I wanted to share one of my simple Applescript Libraries commands.

Applescript Libraries are a new thing in Mavericks which allow you to put all you commonly used Applescript handlers in one place to make them easily accessible  in any new script.

As apposed to having them only in snippet file or some script file  stored somewhere you cannot remember where or what exactly the code contained to help find it.

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SOLVED – WordPress.com on iOS – Jetpack “sorry we can’t log you in. Please update your credentials and try again”.

For months now I have not been able to see my stats or notifications using the WordPress iOS app on iPhone or iPad.

Why. Because after an update; every time I tried to use the 'stats'  or 'notifications' buttons the app kept telling me  "sorry we can't log you in. Please update your credentials and try again".

Googling and reading posts on the WordPress support site showed me many others had the same problem. But no concrete  answers were forthcoming...

Sure I could see my site and login to the Admin and click the jetpack button there. Which would show me the stats etc. But doing that just takes me to Mobile Safari. And on an iPhone it is not such nice an experience or interface. Everything is tiny. Pinch zoom, pinch zoom..

Today I finally solved it for me at least and want to share how..

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